On board
since 1959

This house was founded in 1959 by D. Diego Mena Llorca and María Cuesta Llidó, together with their children Diego Mena Cuesta (alma mater), María and Vicenta. Together with his wife Josefa Larrosa Navarro they created the 3rd generation that is at their service and dedication, Diego, María, Mónica and Natividad.

Sharing a meal at the Mena is much more than just enjoying our dishes…. It is to make family, it is to feel the Mediterranean roots, it is to boast about who we are.
We love to make you feel at home and to make you feel part of our family!

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Enjoy the best gastronomic experience to the sound of the sea

Enjoy the best rice, fish and meat dishes with unbeatable views from our boat, right on the cliffs at the end of Les Rotes.

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