• Valencian salad5,40€
  • Mixed salad7,50€
    normal + tuna, egg, asparagus and corn
  • Mena Salad9,50€
    mixta + ham, cheese and crab
  • Sprouts salad with dried fruits, fresh cheese and raisins with mustard and honey dressing9,50€
  • Asparagus 2 sauces9,50€
  • Melon with ham9,50€
  • Andalusian Gazpacho6,50€
  • Seasonal vegetable cream6,50€
  • Bisque / Cream of Galera and Prawn Cream9,50€
  • Fresh cheese toast with sea urchin and honey mustard vinaigrette4,50€
  • Pickled mackerel or bonito8,50€
    by market
  • Anchovy Fillet 0'0 with tomatoes2,50 per unit
    min. 4
  • Meatballs1,50 per unit
    min. 4
  • Ham and bechamel croquettes1,50 per unit
    min. 4
  • Iberian ham plate21€
  • Mussels marinara9,50€
  • Andalusian style lace or debris9,50€
  • Fried fish9,50€
  • Calamares a la romana9,50€
  • Cod in tempura13,50€
  • Grilled squid or Andalusian style squid13,50€
  • Grilled cuttlefish13,50€
  • Grilled Sepionets13,50€
  • Cuttlefish roe with garlic-parsley sauce9,50€
  • Tellinas of our bay13,50€
  • Dry" octopus16,50€
  • Chopped tuna in garlic-parsley sauce16,50€
  • Small fried fish-squid-squid-spiny lobster13,50€
  • Large fried fish-squid-squid-spiny lobster24€
  • Carpaccio of Iberian loin in mustard vinaigrette9,50€
  • Carpaccio of fish - Mussola - small9,50€
  • Carpaccio of fish - Mussola - large16,50€
  • Assorted fresh seafood150/kg.
    min. 1/2 kg.
  • Grilled or boiled lobster slices150/kg.
    min. 200gr.
  • Red shrimp from Dénia cooked or grilled180/kg.
    min. 150gr.
  • 1st class large shrimp from Dénia
    by order and according to market. Approx. 1kg.
  • Cooked or grilled lobster and lobster according to weight and marketapprox. 1k 130€
  • Quisquilla cooked or grilled16,50€
  • Valencian nursery oysters4,20 per unit
    min. 2
  • Fresh grilled scallops and razor clams with garlic-parsley sauceby weight-size
  • Barnacles - Crabs, etc...on request, according to market

Rice and Noodles

NOTE : Maximum 2 different rices/noodles per table with reservation and “order”.

  • Arroz a Banda13,50€
  • Black Rice13,50€
  • Senyoret" dry or mellow rice16,50€
  • Dry or mellow rice with squid and cauliflower16,50€
  • Dry or mellow rice with cuttlefish and artichoke16,50€
  • Dry or mellow rice with skate and tender garlic21€
  • Monkfish and scallop mellow rice21€
  • Mellow rice with lobster and totena24€
  • Dry or mellow rice with pumpkin, artichoke and short rib16,50€
  • Valencian Paella16,50€
  • Vegetable Paella13,50€
  • Mixed Paella18€
  • Seafood Paella21€
  • Cod, onion and bell pepper Paella16,50€
  • Spinach and anchovies" Paella16,50€
  • Fideus Rosetjats / Blacks13,50€
  • Fish fideuá18€
  • Meat and chickpea noodle soup16,50€
  • Seafood gazpacho15€
    on request


All dishes are accompanied by a side dish of the day.

  • Seabass from the nursery on the back19,50€
  • Sea bream on the back18€
  • Sea bass or wild sea bream, grilled or on back27€
  • Grilled wild dentex or back dentex33€
  • Bay whiting, grilled or fried18€
  • Red mullet from the bay, grilled or fried18€
  • Grilled turbot24€
  • Grilled Sole21€
  • Grilled monkfish22,50€
  • Monkfish marinara style29€
  • Grilled tuna with garlic-parsley sauce21€
  • Grilled emperor with garlic-parsley sauce16,50€
  • Cod in tempura or steamed in orange sauce18€
  • Grilled fish and seafood29€
  • Zarzuela de la Casa29€
  • Wild grouper from our bay with its torreznos (fried bacon)33€
  • Wild sea bass, sea bream or dentex with salt75/kg.
    by order and according to weight of the piece


All dishes are accompanied by a side dish of the day.

Optional blue cheese or pepper sauces (3 € supplement)

BREAD AND COVER 2’40 € tax incl.

  • Grilled entrecote19,50€
  • Grilled sirloin steak24€
  • Lamb chops18€
  • Beef Entrecote "Casina" Asturian - "Vacus".29€

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